GeneWize Life Sciences

After Extensive Research, our team has decided that GeneWize is the solution that makes the most sense for us.  We encourage you to do your own research, starting with our Partners in Awareness page.  We think you’ll agree that GeneWize has a product second to none, an incredible referral program for customers, and a business opportunity with amazing potential.


Here is an excerpt from a company document highlighting some of the distinct advantages GeneWize has over the competition:

“Our Uniqueness – While Nutrigenomics is new to many companies, it’s not new to us; GeneWize/GeneLink enjoy many industry firsts and are differentiated in many ways.


Ø  Our 14 year-old parent Company, GeneLink, Inc., has several important U.S. and International patents (and patents pending) on its DNA assessments; DNA collection system and its process and technologies. GeneLink is only company to receive a U.S. patent on a DNA assessment and therapy for genetically guided skin care.

Ø  GeneLink and GeneWize are proud to have an impeccably credentialed scientific group comprised of leading scientists and researchers in the fields of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, clinical laboratory medicine and nutritional sciences.

Ø  This is a committed and involved scientific group who together has over 600 peer reviewed publications and abstracts, numerous awards, dozens of patents and distinguished careers with some of the world’s foremost public and private biosciences corporations as well as universities.

Ø  We’re the only company to use a breakthrough “titration matrix” to formulate a scientifically DNA guided product into a single serving solution.

Ø  With every customized product we provide a Healthy Aging DNA Assessment, a list of 3rd party research and support for both the genetics information as well as product ingredient support which currently numbers over 120 possible product ingredients.

Ø  We’re also the only company to offer additional ‘lifestyle boosts’ that can be customized by our clients into a single serving solution.

Ø  We’re the only Direct Selling company that focuses on all of the following: DNA research, nutritional and skin-care research, custom product formulation and the marketing of both customized AND personalized products.”


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