Partners in Awareness

Nutrigenomics is the science of genetics coupled with nutrition. This category is a relatively new subset of the genetics industry and has garnered tremendous scientific attention over the past 10 years. As In any new industry there is mixture of excitement, change and competition. In this exciting new category, we view other companies as “partners in awareness;” there is so much potential and room for growth, that for the most part all companies in the industry can succeed as each of us helps build overall awareness.

We include links to all related companies we know of, so you can research your options and make an informed buying decision.  Some companies sell their products through a traditional retail model, and some others are using a network marketing business model. If there is a specific company you know of which is not listed here, please let us know and we will add it to the list.


DNA Assessments (medical and non-medical)






Integrative genomics,

Interleukin genetics,





DNA Personalized Products           

*Editor’s Pick* GeneWize – A specialized Health, Beauty and Wellness Products Company that offers health conscious consumers the first individually customized, scientifically supported, nutritional and skin care formulations based on their personal LifeMap Healthy AgingTM DNA assessment. GeneWize is a wholly owned division of the pioneering biosciences company GeneLink, Inc. (OTCBB: GNLK).  After careful research, we feel GeneWize is the best solution available today.


Quixtar (Amway) – The Company utilizes Interleukin Genetics for their DNA assessments. Their assessment results are designed to guide their customers to make choices from the company product line. One of several thousands of products offered by Quixtar.

Market America – Utilizes Sciona for their DNA assessments and Garden State Nutrition for their products. They “pick and pack” pre-manufactured tablets or capsules and organize them into packets based on the customer’s DNA assessment results. The DNA guided product is one of thousands of products in their catalogue and does not appear to be a major focus.

Solgar – This well known, 60-year old vitamin and Herb Company is GeneLink’s distribution partner for retail health food stores. The Solgar NutrigenomXTM product is designed for retail sales and utilizes 12 pre-made products to choose from based on an individual’s DNA assessment results. Solgar is licensed by GeneLink for retail specialty health food stores only.  GeneWize’s product differs from Solgar in that Genewize creates a single serving solution (one product mixed specifically for the individual).

CodeNutrition – This Company doesn’t advertise the number or names of Gene SNPs they assess and indicate they have 38 ingredients available in their product (compared to over 100 from GeneWize). They have one PhD on their advisory board and appear to be in startup phase.


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