About Me

I am an InterNetwork Marketing Guide, which means I help people use internet marketing strategies to help build successful businesses, especially in the field of network marketing.  I understand the importance of friends and family, and recognize that relying too heavily on traditional methods of network marketing can strain these relationships.  My goal is to help people succeed in their business while maintaining their personal connections in a way they can be comfortable with.

I am happily married to Susanna and have a beautiful daughter named Kristina.  Her birth was a re-awakening for me, and fed the fire in my soul that had nearly been extinguished.  I live to serve as an example to my daughter.  By following my dreams and passions, I am showing her how to follow hers.  I am also building better finances so that she may pursue her goals without limitations.

I am also a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, and have a strong interest in health and wellness related topics and products.  I am constantly on the look-out for anything that can help my clients live a healthier, more fulfilling life.


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